Cladding and Concrete Work

At Rowlands Fabrication we can provide a tailored service offering you as little or as much as you require - from supply only to full installation of you're project.

Concrete Work

We lay concrete for footings, slabs, shuttering and floors.


Cladding and Over Cladding

We are able to offer various options regarding cladding; whether it be strip and reclad or overcladding (where your existing material is simply laid over using counter purlins). We have sourced and supplied a variety of cladding materials including insulated composite, anticon box profile, steel box profile, fibre cement and GRP (Glasfibre reinforced plastic), all of which can be finished to your requirements.

Asbestos Cement Sheeting Removal

All Rowlands Fabrication's staff have been trained in the removal of asbestos cement cladding materials - which is a Health and Safety Executive requirement.